Gorman Ruritan Club

Durham, NC

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Turkey shoot

Every Friday night starting a 7pm

Runs from Sept 19 - Dec 5, 2014

Starts at 7pm.

BBQ Dinners


Sat Oct 18 2014 -- BBQ
Sat Nov 15, 2014 --BBQ

Dec 6 - cover dish for members and family

Sat Jan 17 2015 -- BBQ

Sat Feb 14, 2015 -- BBQ

Sat March 14, 2015 -- BBQ

Sat. April 18, 2015 --BBQ

May- beef roast


Gorman Ruritan has been a long time member of the Gorman community and a great place tf rfellowship with others who live in this community. All proceeds go back to helping our community by donations, buying local supplies and services, giving time a resorces to those in need, and more.

Everyone is volenteers, no one gets paid to work, no matter how up they are. We strongly believe in doing good for others and have been doing so for over 60 years.


Ruritan's purpose is to create a better understanding among people and through volunteer community service, make America's communities better places in which to live and work. The slogan of Ruritan is "Fellowship, Goodwill and Community Service." Club membership represents a cross-section of the community in which the club serves, and is not restrictive with regard to occupation, social position, or any other specific criteria.

Unlike most civic service organizations, Ruritan rarely has national programs. Rather, each club surveys its own community as to the needs of that community and then works to meet some of those needs.